About us

A departure from convention.


Navigating the ebbs and flows of life and commerce sometimes requires the experience and skill of another. The team at SAGIS LP, with a combined post-qualification experience level of over 70 years, can be your rudder in uncertain times. Our team deploys a range of skills gathered in various jurisdictions and practice areas, tailoring solutions to each client’s need. We listen, assess, and strategise with each client to ensure our advice respects their goals, culture, and business.

While we enjoy the legal intricacies, focused on delivering specific and effective legal solutions, we aim to remain steadfast to the task; helping you, our clients, resolve issues through strategic thinking and skillful negotiation.

Our process concentrates on acquiring an in-depth understanding of your matter, the circumstances, and all the issues. To this knowledge, careful consideration and thorough assessment is applied. The result: options that are legally sound and sensible.

From developers, brands, entrepreneurs to indigenous institutions, employers, and individuals, one or all of our team members has played a role in some significant Anguillian commercial or personal activity. Further, SAGIS LP is the exclusive Anguilla member of TerraLex, an international network made up of 19,000 attorneys in more than 155 leading independent law firms in 100 countries. Serving the business interests of clients whose requirements transcend their borders, through TerraLex, SAGIS LP provides our clients with access to the global expertise and deep local connections needed for seamless service no matter where the need arises.

So, whether your need is an idea still to be realised; a personal issue that requires private client considerations; a decades old family business seeking to advance to the next level; or a global corporation with multijurisdictional structures, let us at SAGIS LP and TerraLex provide you access to the best legal resources anywhere in the world.

Further information about TerraLex can be obtained at the organization's website at www.terralex.org.


A Diverse Team of Attorneys